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 Here are some of the questions other children have asked.   


Q.  Where do you live?....Freddy

A.  In the Tooth Fairy Castle, near the Milky Way.

Q.  You seem to have different frocks....Samantha

A.  Of course I do!  Don't you have different clothes?

Q.  How do you get around the world so quickly?......Robert

A.  I have a special dragonfly.  dragonfly fairyHe is turbo charged. 

Otherwise I use the unicorns cousin Pegasus.flying pegasus

Q.  What do you do with my tooth?....Jason

A.  We use your tooth for many things. Cots for newborn fairies, beds for the bigger ones, your back teeth we use for carriages. All are kept under lock and key until such time as they are needed.  After all, they are such special teeth.

Q.  Can I come and visit you?....Rebecca

A.  That would be really nice but unfortunately you are too big to fit into the Tooth Fairy Castle.  I am afraid  that I will have to visit you instead when I take your tooth.

Q.  I think I saw you last time....Justin

A.  Did you?  Weren't you really asleep? I think you were.

Q.  When you come to visit me what are we going to do?.......Kylie

A.   You should be sound asleep!!

Q.   What if I am not asleep when you visit me?........Sarah

A.   I will have to fly back later when you are! 

Q.    My Nan has  fairies in her garden.  Are you one of them?.......Katie

A.    No, they are the special garden and forest fairies.  They make sure the plants and trees are the right colours.

Q.    So how many fairies are there?.......Tommy

A.     Lots and lots.  We all have special jobs.  Some of us look after the garden flowers, some live in the forest and paint the trees and bushes special colours for winter.  There are moonbeam fairies, sunlight fairies.  Far too many to name them all.

Q.    Will my pussy cat attack the garden fairies?  I see her trying to catch things in the garden.....Mary

A.     No, we fairies love animals.  They also can see us and know who we are.  She is most probably trying to catch a mouse.

Q.     Would you  come over for my birthday?......Kevin

A.     Well, thank you so much for the invitation.  However, I am most probably busy on the other side of the world collecting teeth.  After all it is night time over there.  One of the birthday fairies will most probably drop in and make sure your day is special.  You won't see her but she will be there!

Q.    How come I never see fairies?.........Matt

A.     That's because we are so very tiny.  If you look carefully, you might see us.

Q.     How do you know where people are?.....Abygael

A.     Santa, Peter Rabbit and myself are given a special notice when you are born.  This is immediately given a magic spell Fairy Spelland even though you might change houses, it will always let us know where you are. 









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